About LiteNSpicy

I have a passion for cooking, growing things and sharing what I do.  Many times I have been asked by friends and family if I could show them how to make something, share a recipe, garden tip, or explain "how" I come up with stuff.  So I would send emails, hold "private lessons" for some friends, and post on bigoven.com (great site by the way) in order to share what I have gleened over the years.

For inspiration and motivation, I have recently turned to food blogs.  I am impressed by them, the audience they touch, and their PHOTOS!!!  They are fast reading, usually entertaining, and house some of the best and most creative ideas I have seen from "regular" people, with "regular" kitchens and families. 

LiteNspicy was born to encompass a place where light and healthy food can be viewed as fun , creative, satisfying and elegant with a comfortable, funny, and easy reading format.  This is a labor of love.  I don't get paid or endorsed, and I have nothing to gain by highlighting brands, stores, and gadgets.  But there are many gadgets, stores, food products, appliances, and gardening products that I love so much,  it makes me whan to scream from the roof tops!  These "things" can enhance the end food product and make our lives in the kitchen easier, more desirable and more creative.

I have fond memories of gathering my family around the table almost every night for a meal. My mother did it for her family, I did it for mine, and now I see my daughters doing it for theirs.   It warms my heart and makes me understand that taking the time for a meal was the best family medicine of all. Cooking is and always has been my love language.  I am so thankful and appreciative of those moments, then and now.

Please know I do not have a blog editor. (I wish I did!)  I try very hard not to make mistakes.  However if you spot any errors, either in a blog post, on a recipe, or you feel I may have mis-stated something, please let me know.  You can provide comments at the end of the post, let me know on Facebook, or contact me via e-mail - see CONTACT PAGE for further details.

Thank you for reading and HAPPY COOKING!

From my home to yours, ENJOY!