Friday, April 22, 2011

"Skinny" Huevos Rancheros

I have been busy preparing  my menu for Easter dinner.  Normally that includes a ham.  But the last time I ate ham and then tried to weigh in, I almost killed myself (I retained billions of pounds of water from that darn salt). You see, my weight watcher days are Monday evenings.  (I am starting to HATE it.  I mean really, what idiot decides to weigh in on the day AFTER a weekend and expects not to have some retained effect?)   Even though I am on program through the weekend, my food choices change.  I end up "grazing" more, eating saltier foods (think SUSHI), and I usually use some of my weekly 49 points.  Imagine throwing Easter on top of it! That's enough to make you jump off the roof (well, maybe not you...but ME!!)

I am going against the grain.  I say "NO to HAM " this year.

In thinking about what Easter means, it seems only natural that I make lamb.  After all, we are praising THE risen Lamb of God.  Symbolic.  I like it.

So, there you have it.  It's Leg of lamb - in some sort of Mediterranean, Greek or Middle Eastern preparation (still working this part out!).  The Lamb will be served with Roasted Lemon Asparagus (so good, I will post about them) and Smashed potatoes (I have to skinny up my recipe in the next day - not sure how yet !! - will also post).  For the bread, Middle Eastern Flat bread crackers (Valley Produce Market ROCKS).  I love these for this occasion because they are yummy, not so filling, points friendly and it's respecting a bit of Passover.  Steph is making WW brownies (thanks Steph) and I will make a LOW FAT carrot cake.  And lets not forget the WINE!!  A nice Petite Syrah  and chardonnay (for the red wine haters), both from Cakebread Winery in Napa Valley.  THAT SHOULD DO IT and I believe I can stay "on program" for the most part. 

This brings me to Breakfast.  What to do for breakfast this weekend?  Especially on Easter.  Sure, everyone wants a great breakfast on Easter, elegant and satisfying but fast and easy.  After all, you may attend the sunrise service and come home STARVING (plan for it!) or you might be making breakfast for lots of people.  Whatever the situation is, I have just the thing.  My easy and yummy take on Huevos Rancheros.

First things first.  You can use regular corn tortillas.  However I have found the best tortillas product. LaTortilla Factory, handmade style white corn tortillas.  These are great because they have some wheat flour in them to keep them soft and supple.  Obviously, if you are wheat intolerant, these are not for you.  In that case, stick with a good corn tortilla.  These have a very nice, Chewy texture and a mild corn taste...they don't break apart like regular corn and they don't need to be fried to be good!   I think I bought these at Albertson's.

The dish uses Mexican tomato sauce.  What I am referring to is El PATO (or something similar)

This breakfast really filled us up (I put 2 eggs on Tom's) and kept us full for a long fact, I wasn't hungry when it came to lunch, so I just had a WW shake.  I think the reason is that it's packed with protein;  Beans, Eggs, Lite cheese.  When I asked my husband to tell me one word to describe the dish, he said "satisfying".  We even like the idea of this for dinner.....maybe with the addition of chicken?

This recipe serves two, but it can be made for tons of people - and nobody will know it's "SKINNY".  The WW recipe builder shows this at 8 PP (these corn tortillas are 2 points, so reduce if you use another brand that is less points)

Here's what you will need:

2 LaTortilla Factory corn tortillas
1 can Fat Free refried beans
1 can Mexican tomatoe sauce, such as El Pato (yellow can, or your favorite)
2 eggs (or more if you want an additional egg)
Sargento Light Cheese slices, your favorite flavor (I used colby)
olive oil
Fresh lime
Cilantro, chopped ( about a half cup)
2 plates, oven proof

Turn on the broiler

Put the refried beans in a small pot.  Heat them until hot and add about a half a can of El Pato, Juice of 1/2 the lime and cilantro to taste.  Stir until combined and keep flame on low to keep warm.

Heat a skillet on high until hot.  Add your corn tortillas to a dry skillet and sort of "roast" them on each side until they turn golden on each side.  When done, put one on each plate.

Put about 2 - 3 teaspoons of olive oil in the skillet and when hot, crack the eggs. (OMG!  if you havent had eggs done in olive will love this)  Fry until the one side gets nice and golden and then flip over (careful not to break yolks) and turn off flame.

To assemble:
Put 1/4 cup of Refried beans on top of the Corn tortilla (Swirl around so it covers) 
Top with the Egg
Add a slice of light Cheese

Pop the plate under the broiler let cheese melt and get bubbly

Top with more El Pato, fresh cilantro and more lime juice to taste!!  

Serve with Fresh fruit or melon.

The result?  A satisfying dish, full of flavor that will keep you from nibbling until much later!

From my home to yours, ENJOY!