Tuesday, April 26, 2011

YUMMMM. Roasted Lemon Asparagus.....

Strange title right?  

How good can asparagus be?  Good enought to say YUMMMM??  It's not like they are drool worthy fair,  It's just a vegetable for cryin' out loud!

There is something to be said about satisfying food.  Eating something that is sub-par is....well....SUB PAR, DISAPPOINTING, LACKLUSTER, and UNINTERESTING. ( I have a million other words, but you get the point)  

I decided I simply cannot have boring food...yes, hard to imagine I came to that conclusion, but alas - it is true.

Last night I was telling you how tired I was.....what I didn't say is that I threw my back out on Saturday.  I know, what a dork!!!  Jogging on the treadmill and I stumbled.  YEP, get the laughter out now.  It was funny....but man did I ever through my hips and lower back out.  I have been in pain ever since and by last night, I was really hurting.  That made producing a good dinner hard for me to put together. UGGGHHH!!!!  We had the most boring dinner ever!!  Doctored up canned soup with flat bread crumbles.....yes, it filled me up and yes, I stayed on my points.  But SOOOO unsatisfying.  It made me want some little tidbit of deliciousness, all night long, which I didnt get.  (can you hear me pouting??)

And that brings me back to square one.

There is something really good about a great vegetable.  One that is cooked simply but in a different manner than you would normally prepare it.  That's definately not boring!!  Usually Asapragus are boiled or steamed and served with butter, Hollandaise, or a cheese sauce.   Obviously not LITE and way out of my particular calorie budget! 

God created Aparagus to be perfect little satisfying "sticks" of deliciousness.  This method is my favorite way to serve and eat them. (Even if I did have the calories to spend on fattening sauces!!)

Start with about a pound of Asparagus for 2-4 people....

Prep your Asaparagus by snapping off the tough ends and rinse them under cold water. 

I make these a lot when the "little guys" are in season, but I make a pound or less.  For Easter, I made 4 lbs!  it's very hard to get 4 lbs pan roasted and looking perfect but they were still yummy - just know that yours will be much browner than these ones!

Heat a large pan (I use a large  enameled cast iron pot) and add some olive oil....let's see....you probably want a good 2 tablespoons.  Get the pan hot.

While the pan is heating, pat the asparagus dry with paper towels....they don't have to be perfectly dry, but  enough so they dont spatter when the hit the oil.

Now, with tongs, turn them over, let them cook a bit then turn them again...you should just see them start to turn golden - see above pic.

Next add lemon juice.  For a normal batch, I squeeze the juice of one lemon into the pan. For this batch I squeezed 2-1/2!   Then turn and turn them until well coated and juice is evaporated.  TASTE ONE!  If it's not lemony enough, add more.  If too much add a touch of water and let it absorb. Continue to turn them over until they are the doneness you like.  I prefer crisp tender, with some really browned ones.

Add a little salt and pepper and put into a bowl to serve with some sliced lemons - Why?  Because its so pretty!

The result is a very rich tasting asparagus, with bright "Spring" flavor...SUPER SATISFYING....and you will never miss the butter or heavy sauces!!  Really, really!!

WW members, add points for the amount of oil only.

From my home to yours, ENJOY!

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