Thursday, May 5, 2011

Deviled Eggs

As hard as I try some years, I cannot get away from making deviled eggs at Easter.  Everyone loves them.  If I even sound like I don't want to make them, I am met with a bombardment of complaints and whines.  I ALWAYS give in and "embrace the responsibility".

You see, it's a tradition that started literally years and years ago.  AND LETS NOT BREAK TRADITION!!   It's  not that I don't want to make them.  It's that there is so much going on in my kitchen during a holiday, it's just another thing to "pump" out ...and well, if I am looking to reduce my "workload" - it always seems like the deviled eggs are expendable.  But.....they are not.

So I make them.  And they are good.  And people are HAPPY.  And that's all that matters.

But really, when you think about it, why should they be just for EASTER?  Deviled eggs are actually a good "snack", they make nice "easy" appetizers and can even be a meal with a salad on a spring/summer day...I was thinking Deviled Eggs with a spinach salad (eggs go so well with spinach salad anyway!)  or just deviled eggs for lunch!

So yes.  Let's embrace an old favorite and let's make them at times OTHER than Easter...WHY?  Because we CAN!

If you know me personally you know I love to grow things.  I LOVE to grow fresh herbs. THEY ARE GORGEOUS PLANTS - all of them.  They smell wonderful and taste better!   The fact that I can cook and run outside at a moments notice to snip fresh herbs for a recipe right then and there is awesome, convenient and inexpensive.  How many times have you needed 1 tablespoon of fresh parsley only to buy the whole thing and then throw it out because it goes bad so fast? (I mean really, how much parsley can you eat???)  Or how many times are you making something and you think...gosh a little fresh basil, thyme or dill would really perk this dish up....?  It's worth to have a box of herbs growing outside your faves?  Chive, dill, basil, rosemary, THAI basil, oregano..and others.

I always have fresh Chives growing - They are one of the best and easiest to grow and use.  Plus they are prolific.  You cut them and they just keep producing.  Want a chive fact?  The purple chive flowers are edible and DELICIOUS !  I put them in salads ( break them up and separate them a bit) for a pretty and tasty addition!

Why did I go off on this tangent?  Because Deviled eggs are PERFECT for the addition of fresh herbs.  They take on great flavor and seem to be transformed by what you add.  Be creative!!

So just how do you boil the perfect eggs?  If you are saying to yourself, "UMMMM , listen Shelley we got the boiled egg part down!" I can hear the sarcastic tone!  If you are satisfied by your method, skip this part.  But if you always wondered or don't know,  it's simple.  Keep reading.

Put the number of eggs in the pot that you want to cook and over them with about an inch of COLD WATER.  Cover the pot and put it on the stove over fairly low heat (not simmer low but not medium) and let the water come up to a boil at this low heat level.  When the water is boiling, TURN OFF THAT FIRE.  Keep the eggs covered and set your timer for 20 minutes.  If you're using JUMBO eggs, use 25 minutes as your guide.  When the timer goes off pour out the water and ice and cold water in the pot with the eggs to make and ICE bath.  This cools them and stops them from further "cooking". 


You can do this the day before and refrigerate the eggs after they cool.  Just continue making the eggs the next day or simply continue with the recipe. 

I used:

Dill pickle relish (or just chopped dill pickle and a little juice (a splash)
Fresh chives - I use quite a lot - big handful!  ( a little dill is good too)
Chopped celery
Non-Fat Greek yogurt
Light or fat free sour cream
Dried minced onion (I like the flavor better for deviled eggs than fresh)
Touch of mustard
Cayenne pepper
Salt, pepper, garlic powder

I know this seems frustrating I didn't give you specific amounts for each ingredient...why?  Because I don't know how many eggs you will use, what size the eggs are and what your preference to thickness of the filling is.  

Take the shell off the eggs ( I do this under running water):

Cut the eggs in half LENGTH WISE.  Gently pop the yolks out to another bowl. 

I put pickles, chives, celery, minced onions (and anything else you want to add) EXCEPT YOLKS into the food processor and give it a quick pulse or two. 

Add yolks, salt, pepper, some garlic powder and a pinch of cayenne.  Start with a tablespoon of yogurt and sour cream.  Run processor for a few seconds....see what it looks like. Add yogurt and sour cream by the spoonful until the filling is the consistency you like. It only take a couple, really.   Taste and adjust seasonings - you may need more pickle or celery, salt, garlic pepper...etc.  When satisfied, put eggs onto a deviled egg dish (or just on a plate or platter) and fill with a piping bag or spoon. 

I estimate about 2.5 points for 2  halves.

There are MILLIONS of ways to make deviled eggs.  This way is just my family "tradition" - less the fat.  Nobody suspected I changed the recipe to extremely low fat!!  Add or remove anything you want.  Make them Southwest, Standard, Spicy, Asian, or any other way you can dream up!  Try Deviled also....there are many recipes on that site that you could enjoy in a healthy diet.

From my home to yours, ENJOY!

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