Sunday, May 1, 2011

Roasted Tomato Breakfast Sandwhich

BREAKFAST!  Some people don't like breakfast (SAD really) 

ME??? I HAVE to have breakfast! Especially on the weekends.

As you might imagine a simple bowl of cereal does not "do it" for me.  I want the perfect breakfast bite that makes me happy, puts me in a good mood for the day (not an easy task - Tom, care to comment??) and gives me the that big breakfast feeling (without the BIG!)

Is there really anything better than a simple roasted tomato?  If you haven't had one, then I challenge you to make whole roasted roma tomatoes, as soon as possible.  I serve them with dinner next to couscous, basmati rice, kabobs, simple roasted chicken and potatoes.  I actually crave them, but, I love tomatoes regardless.  Fresh, roasted, sauteed, canned or on the grill.  Roasting these little guys changes everything...they get super sweet with that incredible roasted flavor and OH!!!  Those little sweet beautiful "burnt" edges of goodness??? YUMMY with ANYTHING!  I sometimes refer to them as "tomato candy"!  But roasting a whole tomato properly takes time.  Plus they stay too juicy in the center to use them in any sort of sandwich.

Making sliced roasted Romas:

Turn your broiler on to high and let it pre-heat.  Meanwhile get a large sheet of aluminum foil and/or line a baking pan. (I just use the foil)

For this recipe I used 2 large romas.  Slice them about a 1/4 inch thick and lay them on aluminum foil (you can spray the foil if you want - I do only sometimes)  Believe it or not Tomatoes can be hard to slice - use a sharp knife  or a serrated one. (we have already "talked" about my incredible knives. As knives go, they are sexy.....LOVE THEM.  OK - I am over it again)  Lay the tomatoes flat in one layer, sprinkle with salt and pepper and pop them under the broiler on a rack positioned 4-6 inches from the flame or infrared heat  (some may be lucky enough to have an infrared broiler....sadly, I am not that lucky person)

These take a bit more time than you would think because they are so wet.  You want them to dry a bit and brown/blacken - Once they are browned, turn the tomatoes over:


I use my fingers for this. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME (like the disclaimer?) use a utensil so I don't get emails about how you burned the heck out your fingers.

Put them back in the broiler and remove when the other side is roasted and a bit dried:

***The other side of these tomatoes are pretty blackened so I didn't let this side get too black. - use these for lunch sandwiches, or any other place where you would use tomatoes (I sometime just eat them plain!)

6 WW PP if you use 1 point bread and 1 egg

4 pieces of bread (I use low fat/low cal 1 pt bread)
4 Triangles of Laughing Cow LIGHT cheese spread (any flavor)
2 or 3 eggs (for the men, they might want an extra egg- Tom did)
sliced roasted tomatoes
salt and pepper
Non-stick spray

Lay your bread out on a cutting board or the counter and Spread one triangle of cheese on EACH piece of bread.  Is this excessive?  I think NOT.  But you choose. If you like less then use less.  The melty creaminess is really spectacular.  Try not to skimp unless you are a cheese hater!!  Since I don't believe it's possible to hate cheese, lets just go with 2 light triangles. OK?

Now fry your eggs in a non-stick skillet with some spray.  I break the yolks a bit:

Ummm yeah...that third eggy? His yolk got broken at the last second because I wanted him a bit runny....

Flip the eggs over and fry until your desired doneness. (dont overcook -  they become rubbery)

Put the eggs on one side of the bread:

And Top with those GORGEOUS, DELICIOUS, SWEET, roasted tomatoes (OMG - you wont be able to stand it):

Cover with the top piece of bread.....heat your skillet (same on for the eggs...don't clean it) and spray the top of the bread with non-stick spray.  Put the sandwich in the pan, sprayed side down and cook until golden brown.  While that side is cooking...spray the top side of the sandwich.

Flip them and cook other side until golden brown:

While cooking slice up some melon, oranges or other fruit of your choice.

Serve the sandwich sliced on the diagonal (unless your a rebel - then cut it straight down the center) and serve.

The result?  A perfectly creamy, contemporary version of the grilled cheese and egg sandwich.  It meets my  criteria....the perfect breakfast bite that make me happy and puts me in a good mood for the day!  I hope it does the same for you.

From my home to yours, ENJOY!


  1. I made this sandwich this morning and it was everything I could ever want for breakfast! The roasted tomatoes really elevate the flavor and the cheese wedges added a creamy element that block cheese never could. My husband (who normally hates breakfast) was extremely satisfied....he said it tasted very rich. I am making this again tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I am so glad you liked it!!!