Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sesame Crusted Tilapia

Do you ever have those days where you just feel AWESOME?  Today was one of those days.  I slept well, stayed on plan today, ran errands, work was productive, the house got picked up and my car got a beautiful detail (she is all ready spring and summer)!  Even my hair had a good day (now THAT is saying something!!!)

Yep, this healthy eating and exercise is finally paying off.  People aren't kidding when they say every 10 years is harder and harder.  Boy, I thought I was never gonna feel like I was getting in shape.  But I can tell there is a difference, just this week.

Thankfully the residual effects of the Mother's day extravaganza were nowhere to be seen (or felt) today! 

I worked out HARD.  Abs and jogged/walked over a 5 K (it sounds so much better than saying 3.5 miles) and I was NOT absolutely dead for the first time. 

BUT boy was I hungry..  AND WHAT DO YOU THINK I WAS CRAVING?   FISH !!! 


Who the heck craves FISH..?  People crave steak, potatoes, bread, dessert, but fish?  Seriously? 

OK...FISH IT WOULD BE.....But as usual, I NEEDED something YUMMY, satisfying and SUPER FAST!!!  I was famished, starving, the opposite of full - well, you get the picture!

I opted for Sesame Crusted Talapia with Asian cucumber salad.  FAST, YUMMY, ON PLAN, healthy and  PERFECT.

This will feed feed two (or one hungry person) but can be made for a crowd if you want. TRUST ME.

Take out a couple nice size talapia fillets (usually they are frozen individually in plastic) put them (plastic and all) in warm water to thaw (NOT HOT WATER)

Meanwhile get a 2-3 small seedless cucumbers (Persian, baby, etc) or one hot house (English) cucumber and dice small.

Then it's super simple:
2 Tablespoon light soy sauce
2 Tablespoons rice vinegar
1 teaspoon

Mix it into the cucumbers and let sit until the rest of the meal is done (stir up periodically)

If you are making rice to go with it...start it now (too late for brown rice unless its the fast kind)

I know I am weird.  I have HUGE choices in my pantry.  That's because frankly, I never know what I will want.  So I have both black and white untoasted sesame seeds ( I know you are thinking...WHO HAS THAT??)  I use a mixture of both.  DO NOT rush out to buy what you don't have.  Just use all white or all black, toasted or untoasted.

Put several tablespoons of seeds on a plate and mix them together.

Take fish out of plastic.....dab with paper towel to absorb any water.  SALT AND PEPPER YOUR FISH....(do not be shy!!)

Now press the fish into the sesame seeds and turn over and press again until coated - set aside and coat second piece of fish.

Voila!  Sesame coated fish - it's almost done!!!   go, go, go !!!


When oil is shimmering, add the fish to skillet - you NEED TO HEAR SIZZLE.

Cook a few minutes on one side

Then FLIP over carefully and cook until fish is completely done.

In the mean time, mix a couple tablespoons of rice vinegar with wasabi paste then add a bit of soy to it until you are satisfied with the flavor.

Serve fish along side cucumber salad with wasabi sauce....SOOOOO FRICKEN GOOD!
(and yes, if you are wondering...I was able to eat JUST my portion and felt satisfied!)

The result?  A beautifully cooked piece of fish that is sophisticated, yet easy enough for a weeknight!!  Pair it with Asian cucumber salad and wasabi dressing.  WOW...it's a party in your mouth and you will look like a ROCK STAR, I promise!

From my home to yours, ENJOY!!!

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